Don’t Forget To File For Your Property Tax Exemptions!

Don’t Forget To File For Your Property Tax Exemptions!

If you purchased a home in 2012 and use it as your primary residence, then be sure to file for the basic homestead tax exemption before April l, 2013.

If any of my baby boomer friends turned 62 years old in 2012 or on January l, 2013, then you will qualify for another exemption which is the school tax exemption. The school tax exemption must be filed before April 1, 2013, as well. The above exemptions can save hundreds of dollars on your property tax bill for 2013 and each year thereafter.

Please go to the websites for more more information on filing for the above exemptions. Some counties allow you to file on line. Also, there are various other exemptions that you may qualify for so be sure to check out the web sites.

For Cobb County go to: 770-528-8600

For Fulton County go to: 404-612-6440

For Cherokee County go to: 678-493-6120

As always, thank you for your business. Debra

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